SharePoint 2013 cannot View ULS Entries

SharePoint When running SharePoint 2013 it is possible that you will run into a problem with UL entries and be unable to view them with the ULSViewer. The situation is easily resolved. You must activate ULS logging in SharePoint Central Administration->Monitoring->Configure diagnostic logging.      

SOLVED: SharePoint Search Crawl Refusal

SharePoint Using SharePoint 2013 after an upgrade you might run into a situation where the crawl refuses to work because of privilege problems. This can result from the crawl account not having particular rights. Here is how you solve it. SharePoint Solution: The crawl account did not have sufficient privileges to access the security attributes […]

SOLVED: SP 2010 Web App Error

SP Web App When I delete a Web Application from Central Administration, I cannot create a Web Application at the same address.  I also see that the IIS folder does not disappear: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\mySite443 I try to delete the folder by hand, but the following file is locked: Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.ApplicationPages.dll It gives an error: The process cannot […]

SOLVED: Bootstrap Typeahead Error

Recently, while trying to implement Bootstrap’s typeahead.js to an ASP.NET MVC project, we ran into a couple problems. To start, we were using the following articles as a guide:—key-value-pairs/88 The code within these articles worked just fine for the purpose of dealing with in-memory data. For instance, creating a handmade List<Company> would execute […]

Dynamics GP Quantity in Base Explained

I do not have any experience in accounting background, and some of the concepts so obvious to others are a mystery to me. One of those concepts was “Quantity in Base”. Although there may be a great description of this concept directed at the ignorant, I did not find it, and most of the discussion […]

Magento Template; Add New Page

Magento Template  There are a lot of ways to add a new template to Magento. Adding a CMS Page Template in Magento, however, is a pretty simple process. Using the following configuration on your /app/etc/local.xml file in the “global” section will add a template to your CMS Page Design tab: <cms> <layouts> <redirect> <label>Homepage Template</label> […]

Magento Service Unavailable Error: Solved

Magento Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Many people will say that this is because the file exists: /var/www/html/maintenance.flag Our ecommerce development team found that this will occur if you are using APC for PHP optimization, disable APC, […]

XML: Element-Centric or Attribute-Centric?

XML  XML Element or Attribute-Centric? There are numerous articles on the web discussing the advantages and disadvantages of attribute-centric versus element-centric XML. Most correctly come to the conclusion that “it depends” and provide criteria that tend to weight the answer in one direction or the other. Attribute-Centric My contribution to those criteria is this: If […]

Visual Studio Debug

Our software development team recently encountered a problem debugging in Visual Studio. When they start the debug session, the browser session shows a blank page. We researched registry settings, Visual Studio settings, web.config, IIS Express settings, malware, IE settings, Chrome settings, and many other factors without success. If you view the source on the blank […]


NoSQL’s popularity has been on the rise over the last five years, with favorites like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, and Redis on the forefront. With NoSQL’s strengths in its fantastic performance and the ability to store and query denormalized data sets, there are a number of reasons to use NoSQL over SQL technologies like MySQL or […]