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HOWTO: Disable Trace/Track in Apache HTTP

What makes a great website?

So you’re interested in website development services? You must be asking yourself, “do I really need a new website?” or “How will I know if a new website is a great investment?”. We’ll tackle these questions here and give you good answers. Website Development is our specialty, and we help business owners make good decisions every day. It’s our business.

Contact Form 7 with GA

Contact Form 7 The old mechanism of submitting form events to Google Analytics involved using the “Additional Settings” tab of a specific contact form using code similar to: on_sent_ok: “ga( ‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Contact Form’, ‘submit’ );” In WordPress, it will look like this: Note the “Deprecated settings are used” message. Contact Form 7 has deprecated […]

How to Write Clean JavaScript

 Once your website or application goes past a small number of lines, it will inevitably contain bugs of some sort. This isn’t specific to JavaScript but is shared by nearly all languages—it’s very tricky, if not impossible, to thoroughly rule out the chance of any bugs in your application. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t […]

PHP 5.7 vs PHP 7

The Pros and Cons PHP 7.0 Migration With the planned date for PHP 7’s release rapidly approaching, the PHP internals group is hard at work trying to fix our beloved language as much as possible by both removing artifacts and adding some long desired features. There are many features we could discuss, but in this […]

WordPress: Best CMS for Your Business

The latest variation of WordPress CMS is packed with your typical functions, maintaining ease-to-use functions and for that reason, the listing of functions has increased greatly over the years, along with theme variety makes it easy to generate income. If you also include excellent plug-ins, Constant Updates, a WP Support community that is second-to-none, SEO […]

List of PHP Frameworks

PHP is a powerful and one of the most popular coding language among web programmers. Majority of the most popular websites on the web are based on PHP programming language. In this article, we are looking to help you choose the best PHP framework for 2014. Every developer knows that a proper framework enables to create applications […]

8 Awesome WordPress Web Apps

Sometimes you need a web app and don’t have the time, skill, or budget to do custom development. Developing from scratch can be the solution for many problems, but it can take much longer than starting from an existing code base. WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, and it continues to be well […]

SOLVED: EF Error Properties Members

MVC Entity Framework error / EF Error     Problem From a page in IIS or a debug session in Visual Studio, you receive the following error: The associated metadata type for type contains the following unknown properties or fields: Please make sure that the names of these members match the names of the properties […]