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Our Philosophy

We believe our clients deserve software application development that meets and exceeds even the highest performance and quality standards. Our software development company and team delivers this and much more through software application development best practices, use of proven technologies, effective interface design and clear communication.

If we’re not helping your business then we’re not helping my business – Rob

Acumen Consulting

We are a trusted IT services provider to many St. Louis businesses. Our software development company was formed in 1994 by Robert Wagnon, and throughout the years, we have continued as a forerunner in delivering high-tech, software application development solutions to businesses in the St. Louis area. To learn more about our company and other IT services Acumen Consulting offers, please visit our sites.

IT Support

Our Process

The heart of a software development company and software application development is taking a concept and bringing to reality. A client has an idea of what they want and our software development and software application development teams integrate that with existing technology to make a website or application. The concept stage is where it all begins. In this stage it is imperative our software developers and web developers listen to the ideas of our client and that we move forward as team to the software development and web development phase of the operation.

We take on so many applications where the message was somehow lost between developer and client. Communication is the start of every good software development project – Kevin

What can sometimes get lost in the translation is the vision of a client and the reality of software development and software application development. As a software development company we must make sure to completely understand the ideas of our clients and effectively communicate the limitations of the software application development environment to arrive at a final product that meets everyone’s original vision. That is only possible when we listen carefully to the concept our client has in mind.

Once we fully understand the vision of our client our software application development team goes to work to see what can and, more importantly, can’t be done within the budgetary constraints of the project. The job of a software development company is not only to provide a finished product but make sure it was developed on time, within budget, and works appropriately. The development phase of an project is where this happens.

The nuances of developing a great website are what make it fun and frustrating. It’s a great feeling when the client sees the image they’ve painted in their mind translated to reality on the screen – Dave

Our software development team writes clean and clear code using best coding practices and proven techniques which results in a high-performance product. As our software development company team writes codes for you we follow best coding practices for a reason. It is common that over the course of time a software application begins to fray at the edges with the development of new technologies. If your code is written sloppily it becomes very difficult to make changes. We want to make sure that no matter what happens in the future your software application is scalable and can be modified for unforeseen circumstances.

Our Hosting Company provides optimized website hosting environments for the applications we develop, or we deploy them to private and public networks. This cheap hosting service allows us to provide website hosting for your software development applications at an affordable rate. This one-stop shopping for website hosting and software development ensures a smooth delivery for you. For customers with a global audience, we build applications that use content delivery networks (CDNs) for fast delivery of content to anywhere.

When we get a new client who some software that doesn’t do what they want and then a year later after we fixed it and I haven’t heard from them in months, that’s a great feeling – Rob

When we create a website or software development application for your company our integrated cheap hosting service for website hosting ensures your software application is up and running with as little troubleshooting as possible.

We provide expert Live Chat support and remote IT support for the software development applications and websites we develop, and even for applications we inherit. We listen carefully to our customers and provide true solutions to their software development needs. We serve as an IT support resource to customers with internal developers of their own Portfolio of latest projects by providing Live Chat Support and Remote IT Support for all our projects.

There’s nothing like the feeling I get when I solve a problem for a client. It’s a great day to be at work – Dave

It is not uncommon for a software development company to specialize in creating the software but allocate few resources to remote IT support and Live Chat Support. This is not an unnatural dilemma as any software development company has limited resources. We have an entire IT training team and our IT Technicians provide training to our clients. This IT training experience allows us to allocate their expertise to Live Chat Support and Remote IT Support for all our clients. Rest assured that if you ask our software development or website development teams to complete a project we include both live chat support and remote IT support with that service.

Our Development Team

Rob Wagnon

Rob Wagnon


Rob is a hands-on CEO who participates in all of our software development applications while offering expert advice to any problems. This approach gives us a top-down perspective to many of our projects allowing us to attack them from different angles.

Dave Mueller

Dave Mueller


Dave is a website developer, application programmer, and general IT support guru. When he’s not watching football or making websites he’s playing bluegrass on his fiddle.

Tom Liberman

Tom Liberman


Tom teaches most of our training classes and helps out with website development and answers application questions from our many clients.

kerry ritter

Kerry Ritter


Kerry is a web developer and programmer specializing in PHP, JavaScript and .NET. He helps build all our websites and creates plugins when we need them.

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