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CMS is win/win. My CMS website, my way and I can edit it without any help!
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CMS website for Education? Moodle classes are for you –
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With a CMS website there are so many themes available you are guaranteed a web presence that matches your business image.

With CMS websites it’s not only about ease of use, it’s about price. We can build you a fully functional, themed CMS website for less than $2,000. Our ala carte pricing plan means you get what you want, no more, no less.

Already have a website? We’ll port it over to CMS.

Content Management CMS Website

CMS Website Development is at the forefront of Web Development. CMS Website development allows the you to create pages and content on the site without have to resort to the web development team for solutions.

You know your business – we know CMS websites

This powerful new method of creating websites gives site owners the ability to promote their business as only they know how. It’s a team effort.

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Before CMS website development the process of creating a website was so difficult that an average business user could only hope to create a rudimentary website. This meant they had to hire a website development company to build their web presence. In addition that same company had to do most of the updates to the site. This created an imbalanced situation because the people who knew the particular business best were not in charge of adding content to the site.

I love WordPress. Did I mention that I love WordPress?

Our CMS Services

We offer CMS Website development for WordPress Design, DotNetNuke website design, Joomla Design, Drupal design, and others as well. While WordPress Websites are currently the most popular of the CMS website design tool there is no reason not to explore the various options available and choose which is best for your site. DotNetNuke recently came out with an updated version and Drupal is very security minded in its methodology. Our developers here in St. Louis MO will help you decided what’s best for your company.

Start your WordPress Site Right now!

Out Content Management design team is familiar with most of the CMS website tools available and even if we haven’t used the one you like, we can learn it quickly and easily. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses and there isn’t a single right choice when it comes to CMS Website development.

CMS Website Tools

Creating CMS Websites with WordPress Themes, WordPress templates, and WordPress Plugins is currently the most popular way to build websites with CMS Website tools. We agree.

WordPress started as a blogging tool and this backbone is extremely helpful to the base concept of CMS Website design; the website owner can add and change content without needing strong website building skills. We love the many WordPress Themes, WordPress Templates and abundance of useful WordPress Plugins available. We can’t recommend CMS Website design with WordPress enough.

Orchard is an Open Source CMS website development tool designed for use with the .NET language. This doesn’t have to mean anything to you except that it’s a free tool and development is extremely straightforward. What you need to know is that it keeps costs down.

Like all Content Management Systems, Orchard is designed to allow the site owner to add and edit content without having to pay the web developer for every change. This means your employees can update the site regularly using their business knowledge. That’s key. That’s CMS, that’s Orchard.

SiteFinity is an easy to use eCommerce CMS website development tool specifically designed for the small business owner. Once the site is created you’ll be able to add and maintain your own products without having to pay us, the web developer. That’s a win.

Do you have something to sell? You dont build websites, we do. We’ll build your Sitefinity CMS website to your specifications and then you can maintain it yourself. That’s the point of a CMS. Your good at your business, we’re good a web development. Let’s be a team!

Joomla Website CMS is extremely powerful with scalability as a primary advantage. Joomla Websites can be created with a large number of pages. Joomla Design can be a bit more challenging than some of the other CMS tools but if you need a large website, or the ability to increase in size a new CMS website then a Joomla website is definitely one to consider.

Business DotNetNuke website design using the DotNetNuke CMS is still a common way to create sites. They’ve recently come out with a new version of the CMS tool bringing it up-to-date with the more popular CMS website tools. We’ve built a number of sites using DotNetNuke Skins and DotNetNuke templates and still find it to be quite useful. It is definately worth considering for your website design.
Drupal websites focus heavily on security. If you need a secure website then the increasingly popular Drupal CMS might be the website design tool for you.
Moodle is a website development tool designed to help educators reach the wide audience of web learners. We can help you build a Moodle site and start earning money and passing along your knowledge at the same time. It’s an easy to use open-source tool that lets your reach potentially millions of people who want to learn what you have to teach!

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Our CMS Website Team

Dave MuellerDave is our lead CMS website designer and has created numerous sites with various version of WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS, and DotNetNuke CMS. He is currently a huge proponent of WordPress Design with the many WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates but he can help evaluate your needs and come up with the appropriate CMS for you.
Rob WagnonRob is the owner of the company but also a hands-on website design specialist. He can help decide which CMS is best for your company and then make your website design a reality.
Kevin is one of our programmers and lends a hand when it comes to deeper design work on a website. With a CMS things seem easy but there is an under-the-hood element that must be fully enabled before clients can take care of the day-to-day management of their CMS website.
Jason is another of our programmers and helps with more complex design features of websites. Every Website, even CMS websites, have their own nuances and it is often necessary to bring in specialists to make sure the site has full functionality. Jason helps us make your website vision come true.
Tom is mainly a CSS and HTML specialist in that he does much of the more mundane work on the site which frees up Dave to focus on more complex issues of CMS web development. He’s learning more all the time.

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